Born in Dublin Donal Donohoe started playing guitar around the age of ten. His early influences included folk music and blues, later embracing the sounds of rock, Latin and jazz music. He went on to develop his own unique and original guitar style. Early influences included Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Davy Graham and Mississippi John Hurt, all of whom left a big impression on his guitar playing during his teenage years. Some of his first original songs were written in this period and usually employed the fingerstyle ‘folk baroque’ approach on guitar first pioneered by the aforementioned influences as the main accompaniment. The harmonic and rhythmic possibilities that this style opened up would be something that he would work with and develop for the rest of his life, eventually incorporating the sounds of jazz into the mix of folk and blues.

Pearse St. 1 (small)

Donal started playing in small clubs around Dublin, then travelled in Europe for some years playing gigs and working on his music. On returning to live in Ireland Donal released three albums of original songs ‘Midnght ’til Noon’ released 2005, ‘Ceol ‘s Rann’ released in 2007 and ‘Slipstring’ released in 2011. He now lives in the hills south of Dublin and continues to perform live and write and record new songs.