Random thoughts

The Voyage Of Bran

A live performance of ‘The Voyage Of Bran’ a song that I wrote based on an old Irish story describing the journey to the other world.

Without You

‘Without You’ from the album ‘Midnight ‘til Noon’ with Donal Donohoe (guitar and vocal), Jeffrey Daniel Jensen (drums), Christian Dawids (bass) and Tony Uter (percussion).


Irene & Donal © Donal Donohoe small 2

My deepest thanks to all who have sent kind words and messages of sympathy on the recent passing of my wife, friend, partner and collaborator Irene Lundgaard. Irene and I spent twenty wonderful years together and it was a privilege to live with such a creative, kind-hearted and beautiful human being, she truly was a force of nature. To say that Irene could brighten up any room that she walked into would be an understatement as I am sure anyone who knew her would testify and her loss is immeasurable, she will be forever in my heart.

Don’t You Bend

A live solo performance of ‘Don’t You Bend’, originally recorded with band and released on the album ‘Midnight ’til Noon’.

Farmer Brown’s Farm

This is an animation that I made for children, where they can follow Farmer Brown and listen to the various sounds of the animals and birds that he encounters as he drives his tractor around his farm during the course of his day.

The Magic Tune

This is a song that I wrote about the endless search for the elusive magic tune which when played causes anyone who hears it to start dancing. The song was recorded with Jeffrey Daniel Jensen on drums, Christian Dawids on Bass, Tony Uter on percussion and myself on guitar and vocal. The song was released on my album ‘Midnight ’til Noon’ and it is available for download on iTunes.

Ceol ‘s Rann

I hope you enjoy this animation that I made for a song called ‘Ceol ‘s Rann’ which was the first song that I wrote in the Irish language and was also the title of an album of songs written in Irish that I released some years ago. The song tells a tale of an emigrant returning to live in Ireland after many years living abroad. It has a certain circular movement in the music with the accompanying acoustic guitar being based on a melody line rather than a chord progression.

‘Ceol ‘s Rann’ means music and verse or music and song in English and the tune is available on iTunes – just click here.

Living With War Today

Many thanks to everyone who has shown their support by clicking on my song ‘Every Time I Turn’ on Neil Young’s Living With War Today protest videos page.

Every Time I Turn by Donal Donohoe on Neil Young - Living With War Today ‘Every Time I Turn’ is now at number 3, you can check it out and support the song by clicking on it, here is the link: Living With War Today

Magic In The Air

I created this animation for a song that I wrote called ‘Magic In The Air’ and released on the album ‘Slipstring’.  I have been working on animation for the past year or so with the idea of making some cartoon videos for some of my songs. I really enjoyed working on this one, it was fun to create and I hope that you enjoy it and please leave a comment if you do.

Idir Uisce ‘s Aer

This is a video that I made for a song that I wrote in Irish called ‘Idir Uisce ‘s Aer’ and released on the album ‘Ceol ‘s Rann’.

No animals were hurt in the making of this video and the skirmish between the two pheasants in the end turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate standoff, but as can be seen later on in the video one of the pheasants blinked first and the other won the hand of the lady.

Get Hooked

A video with an instrumental tune that I wrote called ‘Get Hooked’ and some new animation that I made for Yarnclasses.com. The video contains some new crochet creations and some specially commissioned pieces including the crochet work from the Blue Morph installation by Victoria Vesna which was displayed at the Magical Materials Exhibition at the Science Gallery, Trinity Collage Dublin.

Also featured are the frilly crochet edges on the Wedgwood tea cups, the teapot, sugar bowl, and milk jug, as well as the crochet bird and nest box that were featured as props in the latest Asterix movie, ‘Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty’s Service’ starring Gérard Depardieu as Obelix.

Santa Brings A Smile

Seasonal greetings to one and all, hope you enjoy the holiday and have a peaceful New Year.

Global Village

This is my first real attempt at 3D animation, the song ‘Global Village’ is from my album ‘Slipstring’ and is available on iTunes!


I met her first while still a teenager and she went on to marry one of my oldest and best friends. It was she who told me about the guy who rode into a pub in Ballyfermot on a horse one night for a dare, rode up to the bar and ordered a pint, after which the pub was always known locally as the ‘High Chaparral’. She also told me about an area in Ballyfermot called the Californian Hills and showed it to me on an ordnance survey map to prove that it existed, something she knew because she had spent her early childhood there. This was the inspiration for the song ‘No Need To Roam’ from my latest album ‘Slipstring’ and I will always think of her when I sing it. She passed away this morning, Rest In Peace Angie.

Get Hooked

A video with a tune I wrote called “Get Hooked” and some animation that I made for yarnclasses.com featuring photographs of some of the many woolly wonders to be found there.


I wrote Carousel some years ago for someone close whose best friend had just committed suicide. It was about five o’clock one Friday afternoon when I got the call telling me the news and when I put the phone down without really thinking about it I started playing the guitar. Within a few moments Carousel just came out and about a week later I played it live at a gig, after that it was just another song that I had written which was stored away in my musical bottom drawer, so to speak.

Years went by until one Sunday afternoon a friend came by quite distraught saying that his young niece had just taken her life in similar circumstances. He was in shock and as the girl was so young I thought that surely it was just an accident, but shortly after he left I saw through the window a hearse driving up the road and I realised that it was no accident and the girl was gone. Filled with a deep shock and sadness that descended on everybody in the area that day I took up my guitar and although it had been some years since I had last played Carousel it somehow seemed like the right thing to do that day. When the time came to record the album Slipstring I decided to include Carousel as the opening number and although it is maybe not a happy song as such it is one of the songs from which I have received the most feedback on that album.

Through The Smoke

midnight 'til noon cover photo

From the album ‘Midnight ’til Noon’ featuring:

Dónal Donohoe – Electric Guitar & Vocal
Jeffrey Daniel Jensen – Drums
Christian Dawids – Bass
Tony Uter – Percussion

Through The Smoke by Donal Donohoe


Ring-ting is a song from my recently released ‘Slipstring’ album and is a tongue in cheek take on today’s prevalent mobile phone culture.

Saturday Night Live

Donal Donohoe - Conary Hall - July 2011

It was nice to play in Conary Hall again last Saturday night to a lovely audience many of whom came up to chat with me after the gig, it was encouraging to hear so many say that they had enjoyed the set. JP and Andy played a lovely and entertaining set too and Eoin O’Grady was on sound for the night. Many thanks to Pat Nolan who not only organized the event but who also served up nice cups of ‘Barry’s’ tea for everyone during the the interval.


To get more details click here and you can listen to a sample too.