Midnight ’til noon

Don’t you bend

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeIf you take a look around you
to see what’s goin’ on
but before you look too far
you know there’s something goin’ wrong
don’t you bend

If you look out of your window
to see what’s goin’ down
but you find that what you see
just makes you turn around
don’t you bend

There’s a tramp in the alley
who drinks until he’s gone
standing in the shadows
singing out a song
all night long

And if you’ve lost your lover
then there’s not much I can say
to ease the pain you feel
it happens everyday
but don’t you bend

You can rise as far
as you can fall
when you start to wonder
if it’s worth it all
don’t you bend

You Never Know

You passed the nights in wonder and the days without a care
You could still reach out and with your fingers touch her hair
Now every day you think about that she is no longer there
You see her face in the crowd and soon you’re back to where
That cold wind blows

A second makes the difference in the spinning of the wheel
When you come in close contact with a ton of speeding steel
And just when it looks like it could be your last day
You defy the reaper one more time, get up and walk away
You never know

Don’t be late the game is on make sure that you are in
You’ve got to be the early bird if you want to win
How much you really gain or loose you don’t find ‘til the end
But you try because you don’t know if you’ll be back here again
To see the show

Every Traveller

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeCan you lend me what I need if I
say it won’t be for long
just enough to stop me from goin’
back to where I am coming from
I’ll do it for you
if you should turn one day
and ask if I’ve been that way

You know the dark side
where it gets hard to keep track
and you go missing for so long
but you always make it back
so tell me how
and I won’t ask again
every traveller needs a friend

Through the Smoke

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeDo you hear me from so far away
hear me singing through the smoke again
trying all day to get in touch with you
but it’s a long way to make it through

Living beyond reach with no lover’s touch
when you’ve lost somebody, feels you don’t have much
wherever I go you know I’ll be thinking of you
you’ll hear me sing through the smoke to you

So Many Hearts

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeI just got in when I heard the news
They said you wouldn’t make it through
I hoped that you would break the rules
Though all the odds were down on you
Hey Dad, don’t leave me here

Did you take the long road out of here
Did you turn around and see us there
Or hear the cries in the night
So many hearts must be right
Hey Dad, don’t leave me here

When you feel no doubt you’ve hit that glide
And your eyes can see it isn’t wide
A perfect target easily
To put that birdie home in three
Hey Dad, don’t leave me here

Winter makes me hard

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeBaby where’ve you been so long
I’ve been down since you’ve been gone
won’t you take me home
I get sad here all alone

Maybe I did not treat you like I should
or tell you all the things I could
about the special things you are
now the winter makes me hard

Lately it seems I’m sinking down
I feel the darkness gather ‘round
since you’ve been gone
I stay awake too long

The Magic Tune

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeWhen first you hear the magic tune
it hits you quick and takes you soon
takes you down, down below
along old ways where few now go
then changing quick and soaring high
the story grows and passes by
the picture fades the lights come on
the memory stays, the tune is gone

If I could catch the magic tune
I’d play from midnight ‘til noon
from the farm to the town
and watch the crowd gather ‘round,
a song that’s charmed to make them dance
so all who’d hear would have no chance
because the movement in their shoes
would shake the cares they’d like to loose

Searching for the magic tune
with just the light from the moon
places change, scenes dissolve
then it’s time to move, moving on
time to leave and get out of town
see what’s left when night comes ‘round
but when you look you start to learn
there’s no way back there’s no return

To Miss The Starry Night

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeI wear my fingers to the bone
In these places where I go
And it gets late when I get home

A crazy way to try to come
To far back where it all begun
To even think to turn around

At midnight when it all begins
you walk the line you know it’s thin
But to miss the starry night would be a sin

And when at last the night is through
I’m on the road the sky is blue
To pass the time I think of you

Without you

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeOne more time into the night
alone again it won’t feel right
without you

Far away from you somewhere
I find myself but I still care
about you

It’s hard to hide it if you’re low
even though it may not show
I’m missing you

I could travel to China
but I know that where I go
I’ll still be missing you

I think of you dearly
I wish that you were
nearer to me now

One more time into the night
alone again, it won’t feel right
without you

Working my way back home

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeThere are no tears, though the times may have flown
And none can see, the things I call my own
Everyday, working my way back home

Into the market place, where everyone must stray
With the simple tools, that they call their trade
The daily bread, keeps hunger instead delayed

The crowds pour in, when the night has grown
The singer sings, but the song’s unknown
Playing it clear, for those who can hear the tones

But you can laugh though fate, would leave you on your own
When you’d do the same, even if you’d known
The price you pay, to go on your own way home

Don’t Stop Moving

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeDon’t cry my love
don’t you go letting the world pass you by
You’ve got to try
like I know you can

Don’t you stop moving
when suddenly everything is down on you
you will pull through
you always do

Don’t keep me waiting
let me know that you’re still goin’ strong
I need to know
that you my love is well

It’s hard to find

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeTake it when you get it
it’s not often that you do
Give it while you have it
no one can ask more of you
There are times when it seems like
nothing ever could go wrong
but when it does it can shake you
when you’re finding out she’s gone

I remember every time we had
can’t forget it anymore
sleepless nights waiting for
your gentle tap upon my door
hey don’t you know me anymore
you know I’d never do you wrong
but when it gets close like that
then it’s so hard moving on

Take it when you get it
no one can ask more of you
give it while you have it
‘til it’s coming back to you
it’s hard to find and when you think you have
it’s not often that it’s true
but when it happens to you
then nothing else could ever do

Cold Stone

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeAs if you’d always known
but now it’s comin’ home
you feel it in your bones
hits you like cold stone
still sometimes you wake
late in the night
the situation might
then the dream takes flight.

Living with the past,
so close behind
creeping back again,
like a shadow in your mind
waiting every time to
catch you on your own
there’s nowhere you can turn
from those memories that still burn

You reach before moving on
as far as you can
you touch and hold for long.
You watch the children play
and see the days go by
the summer’s almost gone
you know it won’t be long

Every time I turn

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeEvery time I turn, they’re coming for miles
They’ve watched their bridges burn, they no longer smile
They say away down south, the land’s turned to sand
Food is getting scarce and war is at hand.

You can feel it in the air, the climate has changed
The ice is melting quick, the seasons are strange
The Wilderness retreats, more every year
Trees burnt to soil that soon disappears.

It’s hard to believe, the damage that’s done
To what nature built up, since the earth was still young
As they try to find out, how long it can last
The rape still goes on and the buck just gets passed

Midnight ’til noon

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal Donohoe, 2004

Dónal Donohoe – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar & Vocal
Jeffrey Daniel Jensen – Drums & Bodhrán
Christian Dawids – Bass
Tony Uter – Percussion

Produced by Dónal Donohoe & Jeffrey D. Jensen
Recorded in Copenhagen Sound Studio, engineering by P. H. Juul
All tracks mixed in Copenhagen Sound Studio except tracks 2, 5, 8, 11 and 15 mixed in Future Force Audio, Århus. Engineering by Kasper Voerbæk
Mastered in Trend Studio, Dublin. Engineering by Mary Kettle
Photography by Frank Murphy, Baltinglass
Cover Design by Snap Printing

All songs written and composed by Dónal Donohoe except ‘Can’t keep from crying’ by Blind Willie Johnson.

Special thanks to Jeff, Christian & Tony for all their music and friendship.

© 2004 Donal Donohoe