A Happy Home

Slipstring onbody Donal DonohoeHer parents were called Kathleen and Larry
They lived in a house down by the canal
She would fetch fresh milk in a jug each day
As the eldest she helped out in her way
Larry worked delivering bread to earn his pay

She had three brothers and three sisters
When trouble started she made sure it missed her
Then up the stairs to the top
Where he’d turn and standing there alone
Larry would sing ‘our house is a happy home’

With strips of leather and a cobblers last
Larry would mend all his children’s shoes
As she cycled along one day he saw her
Pass by wearing a yellow hat
And that to all intents and purposes was that

She asked him home to meet her kin
With some trepidation he agreed
But as the door closed behind him
Was it fate or just a whim
When Larry said Kathleen lock the quickly while we have him

They married soon after and set forth
Across the canal and headed north
And as they crossed the Tolka river
He said there was nothing he would not give her
And they settled down in a house with a view of the Dublin hills