The Voyage of Bran

Ceol’s Rann, new album by Dónal DonohoeOne day Bran’s alone
walking near his home
he hears music so deep
it lulls him to sleep
He awakens and finds
flowers white and fair
he takes them home
a woman ’s there
She sings to him a song
and as the words unfurl
he hears the great delights
of the other world

But the flowers dissappear
the song and lady
next day Bran sets out
with friends across the sea
After two days
a chariot draws near
and they see
it’s Manannán Mac Lir
He sings for them a song
they see mists rise and curl
their colours weaving tales
of the other world
As a flowry plain
Bran sees the sea
as though floating on
a forest of trees
He tells them many things
but before he says goodbye
he sends them to the isle
of Women that’s close by
and on that land
there is no stain
and Bran delights
in how he’s entertained

At last some miss their home
so they sail back through the rain
they see people by the sea
Bran tells to them his name
we know of no such one
they answered from the shore
but the voyage of Bran
is in our lore
The first to spring ashore
into ashes disappeared
as though he’d lain in the earth
for hundreds of years
then this tale of Bran wrote
in ink and pen
and from that time on
was never seen again