Global Village

Slipstring onbody Donal DonohoeYatsuhashi wakes in the land of the rising sun
Getting paid for having fun like a cat with the cream
He remembers the day he left Kushimoto
With his suitcase and his Koto to follow his dream

Spin the globe around till sunlight hits on
The minaret in Mustafa’s town
Where once in the bazaar he saw a veil of lace
Fall from a face now his feet don’t touch the ground

Somewhere else the sky is blue and from far and near
They come to hear the sounds of marching bands
From Monserat to Timbuktu it’s Saint Patrick’s day
And Paddy scraps his poems in the sand

Darkness descends and till dawn comes
None can know what tomorrow will bring
Yatsuhashi sleeps as Mustafa proudly plays his oud
And Paddy starts to sing