Lone Ranger

Slipstring onbody Donal DonohoeThe lights grew closer, the sun had gone down
A man came and stopped him just outside the town
And said I’m the sheriff around here say who you are
I don’t know your name you look like a stranger
He held the sheriff’s gaze for a while
Then replied just a lone ranger

Quickly he found the place midway down on main street
If things went as planed then later that’s where they’d meet
The talk was local for the most part
And of the damage caused by the tornado
A woman asked a man for a coin
And the jukebox played ‘The Streets Of Larado’

He waited there until he felt that he’d been had
Around him some were shouting the rest just looked sad
A man pushed another then stood and stared
To give the impression he could defeat a
Herd of wild horses, a army of men
To win the hand of the señorita

Intent not to dwell on one more broken dream
He made his way to the door and slipped out unseen
He turned at the corner the side street was dark
Quiet and empty and as he walked down
The sounds from the night grew faint in his ears
And no one noticed as he left town