The Magic Tune

Midnight ’til noon, album by Donal DonohoeWhen first you hear the magic tune
it hits you quick and takes you soon
takes you down, down below
along old ways where few now go
then changing quick and soaring high
the story grows and passes by
the picture fades the lights come on
the memory stays, the tune is gone

If I could catch the magic tune
I’d play from midnight ‘til noon
from the farm to the town
and watch the crowd gather ‘round,
a song that’s charmed to make them dance
so all who’d hear would have no chance
because the movement in their shoes
would shake the cares they’d like to loose

Searching for the magic tune
with just the light from the moon
places change, scenes dissolve
then it’s time to move, moving on
time to leave and get out of town
see what’s left when night comes ‘round
but when you look you start to learn
there’s no way back there’s no return