The Sun King

Slipstring onbody Donal DonohoeThe king sipped from his chalice
And looked out from his palace
He thought of all he’d be able to meet
No one would know if he went incognito
That it was he who was king
And what tales that it would bring

So he went to the market
Amid stalls of fruit and carpet
He stopped to buy a loaf of bread
The man said why not have two instead
And taking two from the shelf
He said I’ve enough for myself

He walked down by the quayside
A boat was being untied
He said I’ve longed to go fishing for so long
The man said why don’t you come along
But no money or fare would he take
As they sailed out on the lake

The fisherman let out his line
And held high a gourd filled with wine
He said it’s time for a drink how about you
The king said I don’t mind if I do
He looked at his home on the hill
And they sat there drinking their fill

He listened to songs and tales of yore
He’d not felt free like this before
Do you know he asked and could you tell if you will
Who lives in the palace on the hill
The fisherman said that he knew
He thought everyone else did too

He said Louis XIV lives there
The throne was vacant and he was heir
I’m Louis XIV said the king
The palace, the land I own everything
The fisherman checked on his line
And said yes it’s very good wine